Drool Brothers Discography


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Halloweenish: side A - Halloweenish Disco Mix: side B 
Orange vinyl 7  33 1/3 rpm 
1996 Barfing Glitter Records BG1001 

 Joe's Blue Plate Special Volume, 14/15 CD
Compilation: includes Halloweenish Disco Mix (Edited) 
Features the Drool Brothers, Chuck D. and Olivia Tremor Control
1997 - Out of Print 

Listen and Learn with Vibro-Phonic CD
Compilation: includes Halloweenish Disco Mix (Edited)
1999 - Vibro-Phonic records 

Drool Brothers -Self Titled
Full Length CD  
2000 Barfing Glitter Records BG 1002
Joe's Blue Plate Special, Volume 40 CD
Compilation: includes Fullerton  2001 - Out of Print  

Gals: side A - Gals: side B
Pink vinyl 7" 45rpm
2003 Barfing Glitter Records BG 1003 

Diggin for Gold!
Compilation: includes Gals: side B
2003 Double Crown Records DCCD18

Kasio Montigo
Full Length CD
2004 Barfing Glitter Records BG1007 

Thematic Variations in Dance, Volume 1
4 Song EP CD-R
2005 Barfing Glitter Records BG 1008
Out of Print

Ajax Muffler 
Full Length CD
2009 Barfing Glitter Records BG 1009

4 Song EP
2011 Barfing Glitter Records BG 1010

Mom's Imaginary Aquabus
Chuck's 6 Song Solo EP
2012 Barfing Glitter Records

Halloween for Creeps
Full Length CD
2012 Barfing Glitter Records 

Exile on Whittier Blvd.

Full Length CD

2018 Barfing Glitter Records

Positive Reinforment Cookies

Barfing Glitter Records

2019 4 song EP 

Go Go GoGo

Barfing Glitter Records

Coming Soon 5 Song EP


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