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Chuck Mancillas and Tom Slik, real brothers, started jamming together (bass and drums) for fun in the late eighties recording on a Fostex X-15 cassette 4 track recorder. Their real musical lives involved playing in LA rock, punk, new wave and power pop bands in clubs for money and/or for fame (Texas Terri, Killer Crows, Kristian Hoffman Band, Jigsaw Seen, Poe, Cult of One, Harry Dean Stanton, Legal Weapon, Ruben and the Jets and way more). Collectively, the brothers played and headlined in almost every club in Los Angeles with various nobodies, has-beens, stars and the who's who of the underground elite. Tom studied bass with the infamous Carol Kaye while Chuck studied Drums with Frank Zappa Alumnus, Ralph Humphries. Their schooling didn’t take away from their explorations of pop culture, human psychology and way out music inspired by the likes of Iggy Pop, James Brown, Mott, and 60s/70s pop radio hits. After saving money by playing drums on records for other artists, Chuck bought a tape machine and mixing board for way too much money. They recorded their first single "Halloweenish" and released the kooky yet funky song as an Orange Vinyl 7" on their own Barfing Glitter Records label. It quickly became a staple on College radio playlists and even got a spin or 2 on the legendary John Peel Show BBC. To this date, their discography includes 5 full length CDs, four EPs and two vinyl 7" records plus inclusion on several compilations. Their eclectic songs have charted on College, NPR, Podcasts and Satellite radio such as Little Steven's Underground Garage and have received regular spins on the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer, Rodney on the Rock Show. Their live shows are something to behold as they are joined by overly talented multi-instrumentalist and chum, Dan Marfisi (POE. Lowen and Navarro, Jones and too many to mention) on guitar. Prior to the pandemic, they were regulars at Silverlake Lounge, International Pop Overthrow and various creative places in LA like Art Galleries, Club CIA and even museums, carefully maneuvering away from the transplanted herd of bands. Today, the Drool Brothers are alive and healthy. Their success by way of gaining fans and continuous radio airplay around the world encourages their productivity. See discography.

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