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"Five kickass cuts on this EP that

oughta please even

the most jaded music fans." 

Babysue Zine December 2020

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Crazy Radio Play for

Go Go GoGo! 


Thank you legend Rodney Bingenheimer (Rodney on the Rock)

for playing our new EP Go Go GoGo including "Go Go GoGo", "Rats", and "Frat Boy" and "She's Got the Beat from the Positive Reinforcement Cookies" EP!

Little Steven's Underground Garage - Sirius XM

Drool Brothers are year end 2020 chart toppers on Little Steven's Underground Garage thanks to Bill Kelly and his Blackhole Bandstand who also spins

the new single "Go Go GoGo" in 2021!!


Thank You KXLU Stella Stray Pop, Michelle Melody Fair for spinning several tracks from

"Positive Reinforcement Cookies"

and "Go Go GoGo."  

"Go Go GoGo" is very cool garage rock weirdness. 

It's garage rockin', power pop, psych rock and glittery!

Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World


Thank You Genya Ravan, Goldies Garage, for spinning

"She's Got the Beat" on your show!

Little Stevens Underground Garage - Sirius XM


"They represent everything that is right about

underground pop." Review of "Positive Reinforcement Cookies."


Thanks to 5 time Grammy nominee, Gary Calamar, for including the Drool Brothers song "Fullerton" on his curated playlist for Songtradr called "Los Angeles, CA".

“what The Partridge Family might be like if they spent time hangin’ with The Beastie Boys.”

David Bash - International Pop Overthrow 2018


"Exile on Whittier Blvd. is a refreshing new collection of intelligent tracks that are certain to entertain and intrigue. There's a precise skewed sense of humor here, but more importantly...there are also completely credible and real songs that hold up to many repeated spins. The more we hear this album, the better it gets. Totally cool."

"They opened up a can of musical aquanet - combustible, familiar, and intoxicating. A funky formula that provides long-lasting control, body, and volume."

Review of live show @ Pop Obscure Records

Jose A. Gomez - Music Critic


"They have a totally unique sound and are the essence of what an "indie" band is.
Mike Stark - LARadio Sessions

"Halloween For Creeps is not only a great listening experience (whether it’s on Halloween or any other time of the year), but it also does a perfect job of paying tribute to the group’s roots." - See more at: 2014

Ajax Muffler: a gourmet meal when all you’ve

snacked on is pop radio.
Deli Magazine L.A.

" of the strangest and most fun listening experiences I've had in quite some time."
Delusions of Adaquacy

"they know enough about pop music to use its freakiest mutations for their own ends."
PopMatters of the most original bands I've yet heard.
Music Dish E-Journel

"Ajax Muffler sounds like a collision, orchestrated by director John Waters,

at a foggy four-way intersection
between the Talking Heads, Crack The Sky, Zappa and the The B-52s.
They make Jack White's eccentric, yet commercial teasing, projects look like disturbing Levittown normalcy."

"Ajax Muffler is Zappaesque, a very unique album, funky in a Sly Stone sorta way."
UC Radio (

"Drool Brothers have skillfully mastered the ability to create their own musical signature through and through."
Music, Film, and Book Reviews (

"truly original dose of many musical styles and influences, wrapped inside
a humor-filled package that make a truly beguiling and irresistibly, captivating
Not Lame Records

"They can play their instruments and know enough about pop music to use its freakiest
mutations for their own ends."


Drool Brothers in HOT 100 UNsigned live bands

Music Connection Magazine - December 2016

Drool Brothers in HOT 100 UNsigned bands

Music Connection Magazine - December 2012

Drool Brothers in HOT 100 UNsigned live bands 2009

Music Connection Magazine - December 2009